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{Rise’s wardrobe} Raspberry Chocolate Cake Dress


Here is the second of the new category of Yuna’s ramblings… the Rise’s wardrobe ^^ In my blog it has 14 episodes but here is this the first ^^

She is wearing an outfit from Volks, the Raspberry Chocolate Cake Dress Set.

Wig is from Formywig and I bought it from Uriko ^^ It was my first gradient wig.

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Nero & Rise

This photoshoot was made when I stayed at Yosora’s house for pyjamas party and her Nero and my Rise went outside together.
Hi!! I’m Rise!!

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{Yuna speaking!} My first Group Order to Crobidoll online shop

Yes, this is one of my firsts wigs (ah, I forgot my first fights with wigs, I still fight with them and sometimes they fly out of my hands while fighting xD) the volks default wig you get with Rise DD is 8-9 inches (I’m from Europe but I can’t tell you how many centimeters they are, every shop in the world sell them as inches or as their own chart ex. Xl, L, etc or like leekeworld wigs: E, M, and such).
To the point, the normal is 8-9″ and they are a little rebel sometimes, so I usually buy 9-10″ wigs for avoiding unnecesary fights or because certain wig isn’t available in 8-9″. My +30 wigs except 7 more or less, are all 9-10″ (big wigs can be used in pullips dolls too xD). But this cream wig is 8-9″ and I had great and bad times with it. It has magical properties because each time I put it seems a different wig from before. My first group order was to Crobidoll with Suki, another spanish DD owner ^^

{Yuna speaking!} Rise goes on her first outdoor photoshoot


Hi! I’m going to show you the photos I took from Risette’s first outdoor photoshoot ^^
Sorry if there are many photos. I’m in love with her face so I can’t help xD


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{Yuna speaking!} Traveling Rise

Traveling Rise

Rise’s First car travel (or also known as the day police stop and inspected Rise)

July 23th 2012 I went to pick my DD Rise Kujikawa from Yosora’s (her godmother) home. Rise’s story is long and boring, so long that customs slept and kidnaped her more than a month before releasing her.

And well, that monday my bf and me went throught +200km car travel for picking my baby… and then we returned late… so late that police stopped us for checking our car. And they opened Rise for inspecting her (so badass she is xD). Luckily she was wearing her short wig and was not nude and bold hehe.

And that is the story of the two firsts of Rise, car travel and police inspection xD


{Yuna speaking!} Unboxing


This is Rise’s box and this is her carry-bag.
Nowadays the yellow box is full of wigs (except the blonde ones) and the carry-bag is where Rise lives ^^

One anecdote: Yosora’s bf opened my doll but only the brown parcel, not the inside content. It was for making sure it was really inside it, because it looked to him so little than the other doll boxes he’ve seen before ^^ (Alter and Nero boxes are really huge and beatiful, not this yellow standard)

{Yuna speaking!} Entering Rise


DD de Riiseeeeee noooo!motolatte:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>(via All sizes | Volks News 48: DD Rise Kujikawa | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)<br /><br /><br /><br />

When I saw for the first time this scan taken from Volks news  magazine I had a heart attack. At first I didn’t wanted a DD, but it WAS my favorite character of one of my favorite saga and one of my favorite artist, Shigenori Soejima. And previous to the announcement I met Yosora one saturday and she brought her first DD, Neris (based on Tony Taka’s works) so I was really charmed with those lovely blue eyes and her cool outfit. Also I was impressed with the M size bust, it was perfect! and a while after, I was even more impressed by L shapely bust of her Nero’s! So sexy!!

Well, the matter with Rise’s default outfit:

I really loved the uniform and the tights, even she came with her earrings! But there were three main problems.

  1. The wig: The one which arrived wasn’t properly stylished and the official promo pics weren’t the final outcome, you should buy a styling spray and follow Volks’ tips. Usually DDs official promo pics show exactly what you get, but not with Rise’s.
  2. The pantsus: they were pink, I hate that color ¬¬
  3. The shoes: they were a little off, I needed a base shoes for daily outfits and those mocasins were just fitting uniform.

So I bought one pair of white shoes and one pair of black shoes and left Rise pantsuless for a while. About the wig, I will leave it for upcoming posts how I replaced it ^^

Links’ Zone:

Official web of DD Rise http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/persona4/index.html/

Styling Tutorial for Rise’s wig http://ameblo.jp/blog-dd/entry-11239492730.html