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{Yuna speaking!} Cinnamoroll Malaleche Conejo Inestable goes on her first outdoor photoshoot


I introduce my DAL to you: this is Cinnamoroll Malaleche Conejo Inestable. She is a DAL Cinnamoroll 10th anniversary. The difference with the previous Cinnamo is the eyelids color (original is mint) and the outfit.


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{Yuna speaking!} Hi theree!!

(Did you know… that Ramblings means “desvaríos” in spanish?)

Hi hiiii!

This is my friend Yosora first blog, and I’m going to contribute to it with some of my stuff!

Firstly I’m going to introduce myself and my little girls.

I’m Yuna and I’m a gamer stuck in certain videogame genres. I love pvc figures and specially chibis (I’m a huge fan of nendoroids), I also take photos of inanimated objects,  I sew, I like to use photoshop, singing and sleeping.

I own only one Dollfie Dream and the chosen was Rise Kujikawa, my favorite character of Persona 4 videogame. Nowadays the dolly family is growing up in so many kinds of dolls and scales.

Here is Rise’s profile:


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