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Sewing, first contact

I would like to make clothes to my girls by myself, and not just with wool, I’ll love to make them cloth dresses.

So I started to practice from something easy, knee socks, even I ended undoing it a couple of times, the final result is quite good, and I’m happy with it.

SewingNow I need to do the other one ^^

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Custom eyes for Lisbeth

Once I finished de face-up for my custom DD Lisbeth, the next step was to find some eyes for her.
I searched at different web pages looking for some similar eyes that will fit the character but I couldn’t find any. I finally asked one girl to made the eyes for me by order, so I got the perfect eyes for my little girl.


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First items for Sale

Last Winter I started doing some crochet, and I ended up with some hats and scarf for my Dollfies.

The first ones where very simple and not correctly finished, but now I think I can make them quite well, so I decided to sell them at Storenvy. As I have no stock at the moment I’ll make them by order, so if someone is interested I give the opportunity to choose the color, once I start working on it properly and start having some stock this will not be possible.

By now this is what I can make:

  • Crochet Beret

          Price:  5€ + shipping

Crochet Beret

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DD 06 Head Face-up – Lisbeth

This is the first part of my DD Lisbeth Project, the face-up of the head.

I made it myself using watercolor pencils, soft pastels and acrylic paint. And I think it ended up quite well considering it was my first time.

Lisbeth Face-up

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