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Testing some Ronronshuka resin eyes

Today I received some Ronronshuka eyes for my DD.


I wanted to try them on all my Dolls but I don’t have so much time, so my model for today is Nero.

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Louise goes out

Right now it’s difficult to have a sunny day in my country but last week I was lucky, so I took Louise for her first outdoor photo shot.
I hope you like it ^___^


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Unboxing DD Asuna

Last week I receive my Asuna DD, I’m really happy I was able to made with one, I think her make-up could be better, but she’s really beautiful.

The last days I’ve been very busy and couldn’t thake good photos of her, sorry for that u___u, anyway I hope you like them.



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Volks – 2013 June Collection


Volks announced a new outfit collection for June:

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Sewing, first contact

I would like to make clothes to my girls by myself, and not just with wool, I’ll love to make them cloth dresses.

So I started to practice from something easy, knee socks, even I ended undoing it a couple of times, the final result is quite good, and I’m happy with it.

SewingNow I need to do the other one ^^

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How to remove inner frame from armor boots


The day I received my Dollfie Dreams Saber and Extra I instantly dressed up Nero with her outfit, including the armor boots, she was really gorgeous.

But when I started undressing her, the inner frame of her right leg came out with the boot, and it was impossible to take the piece off to put it again in the leg, so the poor Nero ended up with just one foot.

Armor boot

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Photoshoot – First time outdoors for Neris


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DD Asuna

Yesterday was a really good day for me because my proxy confirmed she got one Asuna Dollfie Dream at the in-store After Event >____<

Volks will not send her Asuna until June but I don’t care, just knowing she would be mine is so great.

She will become my 6th DD, the family is increasing really fast.


Custom eyes for Lisbeth

Once I finished de face-up for my custom DD Lisbeth, the next step was to find some eyes for her.
I searched at different web pages looking for some similar eyes that will fit the character but I couldn’t find any. I finally asked one girl to made the eyes for me by order, so I got the perfect eyes for my little girl.


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First items for Sale

Last Winter I started doing some crochet, and I ended up with some hats and scarf for my Dollfies.

The first ones where very simple and not correctly finished, but now I think I can make them quite well, so I decided to sell them at Storenvy. As I have no stock at the moment I’ll make them by order, so if someone is interested I give the opportunity to choose the color, once I start working on it properly and start having some stock this will not be possible.

By now this is what I can make:

  • Crochet Beret

          Price:  5€ + shipping

Crochet Beret

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