I’m yosora, a girl from Spain. I started paying attention to anime and manga while I was a student, they start airing Slayers and Marmalade Boy at TV and they cached my attention, so I started buying some manga and watching anime.

With the time, my interest in everything related with Japan started growing up and once I started working at a part time job I started studying Japanese at an academy, I wanted to start at the academy before, some years before with a friend, but my parent’s won’t pay it for me u___u

I left the academy last year because right now I can’t afford it, but I try to continue studying by myself when I have some free time. Anyway I prefer to study English now, my objective is to improve my English and take the first exam this year, at list, I’ll try it. Sorry in advance for all the mistakes I’ll do because of my English.

I also like playing with videogames, preferably on the console but I have some for the PC. Sometimes I go to the cinema with my friends. And I watch some TV series like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and a lot more.

Listening to music everyday is obligatory, I hate being in silence while doing other things, I listen to almost any type of music, but if I had to choose one group this will be Muse, I try to go to every concert since I knew them even though I need to go to Madrid or Barcelona, I love their music and they’re amazing in a concert.

About 3 year ago I started collecting figures, but right now I’m trying to gradually decrease the money I spend on figures so I can buy more things to my little girls.

Right now I can’t thing at anything more to tell about me, so if you want to know something just leave a comment and I’ll be pleased to answer you.

Well, right now I have a colaborator, Singer Yuna, she is a very good friend of me, and as we both like dolls I decided to share the blog with her.

You can see her introduction here, https://capriciousdolls.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/yuna-speaking-hi-theree/


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