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Testing some Ronronshuka resin eyes

Today I received some Ronronshuka eyes for my DD.


I wanted to try them on all my Dolls but I don’t have so much time, so my model for today is Nero.

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{Yuna speaking!} Cinnamoroll Malaleche Conejo Inestable goes on her first outdoor photoshoot

I introduce my DAL to you: this is Cinnamoroll Malaleche Conejo Inestable. She is a DAL Cinnamoroll 10th anniversary. The difference with the previous Cinnamo is the eyelids color (original is mint) and the outfit.


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{Rise’s wardrobe} Freia Dress

Here is the first of the new category of Yuna’s ramblings… the Rise’s wardrobe ^^ In my blog it has 14 episodes but here is this the first ^^
She is wearing a Freia dress (B&G) bought from Kelpie, Yosora’s borrowed Neris’ eyes and a wig I bought from Juu Yuki.

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Louise goes out

Right now it’s difficult to have a sunny day in my country but last week I was lucky, so I took Louise for her first outdoor photo shot.
I hope you like it ^___^


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Nero & Rise

This photoshoot was made when I stayed at Yosora’s house for pyjamas party and her Nero and my Rise went outside together.
Hi!! I’m Rise!!

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Unboxing DD Asuna

Last week I receive my Asuna DD, I’m really happy I was able to made with one, I think her make-up could be better, but she’s really beautiful.

The last days I’ve been very busy and couldn’t thake good photos of her, sorry for that u___u, anyway I hope you like them.



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{Yuna speaking!} My first Group Order to Crobidoll online shop

Yes, this is one of my firsts wigs (ah, I forgot my first fights with wigs, I still fight with them and sometimes they fly out of my hands while fighting xD) the volks default wig you get with Rise DD is 8-9 inches (I’m from Europe but I can’t tell you how many centimeters they are, every shop in the world sell them as inches or as their own chart ex. Xl, L, etc or like leekeworld wigs: E, M, and such).
To the point, the normal is 8-9″ and they are a little rebel sometimes, so I usually buy 9-10″ wigs for avoiding unnecesary fights or because certain wig isn’t available in 8-9″. My +30 wigs except 7 more or less, are all 9-10″ (big wigs can be used in pullips dolls too xD). But this cream wig is 8-9″ and I had great and bad times with it. It has magical properties because each time I put it seems a different wig from before. My first group order was to Crobidoll with Suki, another spanish DD owner ^^

Volks – 2013 June Collection


Volks announced a new outfit collection for June:

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Sewing, first contact

I would like to make clothes to my girls by myself, and not just with wool, I’ll love to make them cloth dresses.

So I started to practice from something easy, knee socks, even I ended undoing it a couple of times, the final result is quite good, and I’m happy with it.

SewingNow I need to do the other one ^^

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