How to remove inner frame from armor boots


The day I received my Dollfie Dreams Saber and Extra I instantly dressed up Nero with her outfit, including the armor boots, she was really gorgeous.

But when I started undressing her, the inner frame of her right leg came out with the boot, and it was impossible to take the piece off to put it again in the leg, so the poor Nero ended up with just one foot.

Armor boot

I tried to take it off many times, but all the attempts failed, so I decided to mail volks to ask if there was any way to fix it and this was their answer:

“In answer to your inquiry, the inner frame of the DDIII lower leg part is quite tightly fit together, specifically to avoid it coming apart from the rest of the leg. This does not necessarily mean that the parts are glued together, so if the leg is pulled too hard, it may come apart. However, it can be returned to normal by pushing the parts back together.

When removing the inner frame from the boot, use a household hair dryer to carefully heat the part that is stuck together, then pull to extract the frame. It may be difficult to remove if pulled straight on, so while pulling the inner frame, please also wiggle it side to side slightly.”


Yesterday, I finally took some time to try it, I was sure I’ll need to buying new leg parts, but for my surprise it came out, and I was able to put Nero’s foot back in its place.

Armor boot


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2 thoughts on “How to remove inner frame from armor boots

  1. Singer Yuna 4 June, 2013 at 1:48 Reply

    Casi tras un año, Nero ya puede andar con comodidad ^^ (y ahora se convierte en Louise de mayor con una talla L) me alegro que al final el secador funcionara (que el congelador y la palanca no lo hicieron) y que no hayas tenido que gastar mas dinero en piezas de repuesto ^^

    • yosora 10 June, 2013 at 23:16 Reply

      A funcionado sí, pero incluso dándole con el secador me costo sacarlo. Se me soltó antes la bota del plástico negro que hace el giro, que en palo xD

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