{Yuna speaking!} Hi theree!!

(Did you know… that Ramblings means “desvaríos” in spanish?)

Hi hiiii!

This is my friend Yosora first blog, and I’m going to contribute to it with some of my stuff!

Firstly I’m going to introduce myself and my little girls.

I’m Yuna and I’m a gamer stuck in certain videogame genres. I love pvc figures and specially chibis (I’m a huge fan of nendoroids), I also take photos of inanimated objects,  I sew, I like to use photoshop, singing and sleeping.

I own only one Dollfie Dream and the chosen was Rise Kujikawa, my favorite character of Persona 4 videogame. Nowadays the dolly family is growing up in so many kinds of dolls and scales.

Here is Rise’s profile:


Name: Rise/Risette/Risa (means laugh in spanish)
DD or DDII: 
DD head: 
Default head of limited DD Rise Kujikawa
DDIII with M and S busts
Is your DD a “woman” or a “girl”? 
Original or anime character based? 
Anime character based, my favorite character on Persona 4 videogame.
Default/tons more including 16mm or 24mm xD
Tons too. Her favorite model is Leeke 102 (the one is wearing)
June 1st
Lives where? 
In her carrybag forever alone
Clothing, videogames, everything she sees, plushies and chibis.
Stains, being ignored, small wigs, being called Barbie.
One word to describe personality: 

Any other Mistress/Master’s comments: I should stop buying things for her

Wigs’ catalog: (disactualized)

I also bought a Dollfie Dream unpainted head to start working at my first custom. It’s DDH-06 model, one of my favorites, and she hasn’t name yet. At the moment I’m not tempted by Mini Dollfie Dreams, but I will buy some 1/4 doll one day ^^

But I have more dolls, I will start with my only BJD at the moment:

She is called Miss Pongpong/Señorita Pongpong and she is the first of my pongpong hunting. It’s concretely a Pukifee, scaled as 1/8 and Miss Pongpong measures 14cm. She has her default faceplate, a sleeping faceplate, and by mistake the recaster added Pukifee Ante’s default head and its sleeping (or maybe kissing?).

It’s inventory is short because I don’t own many 1/8 (or smaller) clothes. She owns three pair of eyes (her baby blue default ones, one brown pair and one green pair) and one wig (5-6 inches is its size). About outfits she only owns three ^^


This outfit was from a cheap disney princesses dolls, concretely Miss Pongpong stole Cinderella’s dress and shoes. It was meant for a future pukipuki because its scale is 1/10 but it can be worn by this pukifee aswell :3


Pirate Pongpong

I also have ordered two male floating heads and they will be forever bodyless at the moment.

I also own a 1/6 Pureneemo manufactured by Azone. She is called Alisa and her outfit is really pretty :3

The poor Alisa has been ignored during so long time, so maybe next year I will purchase a 1/6 Littlefee Pongpong as her partner. I also have an extra gothic lolita 1/6 dress that I never tried on her.

And I also own one DAL doll. She didn’t get out of her box not being photographied but it should change soon. I got her as a real bargain and I was after her during 8 months ^^

And I plan to adopt a blythe or pullip next year for customizing ^^

I’m really happy with all of them and my doll family is a little mixed as you can see ^^

The worst part is doll family and figure collecting hobby and my severe nendo-adiction are a little incompatible, so doll family is expensiver than the other two hobbies and it will stay as a small family (my long term objective is having only two or three DDs and not more).


My blog posts will be mainly photoshoots, future projects (wishlists or real projects), despairing-attempts of make-ups and miniature crafts for dolls.

PS: Yosora said before

I don’t have as much money as I would want to buy them more clothes, wigs, eyes or accessories. But I think they are happy the way they are, at least they don’t complain.

And I’m just the opposite, I only have one DD but she’s got a really huge wardrobe. And one of my aspirations was fashion designing so I can practice making clothes for my deary dolls.


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