First items for Sale

Last Winter I started doing some crochet, and I ended up with some hats and scarf for my Dollfies.

The first ones where very simple and not correctly finished, but now I think I can make them quite well, so I decided to sell them at Storenvy. As I have no stock at the moment I’ll make them by order, so if someone is interested I give the opportunity to choose the color, once I start working on it properly and start having some stock this will not be possible.

By now this is what I can make:

  • Crochet Beret

          Price:  5€ + shipping

Crochet Beret

  • Puff stitch hat

Price:  2,50€ + shipping


  • Puff stitch scarf

Price: 3€ + shipping


If you are interested on buying any of them please contact me or go to my Storenvy shop.

The prices of Storenvy are in USD and they will change depending on the currency rates.

Thank you for reading  ^__^


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