This is my first blog, and I’ll dedicate it to my little girls. I bought my first Dollfie Dream Neris almost two years ago, and nowadays the family is growing up fast. Alter and Nero arrived one year after Neris, then I bought a Dollfie Dream head to start working at my fist custom, Lisbeth, and last week my first Mini Dollfie Dream finally arrived, Louise, she is so cute >___<

I’m really happy with all of them, and of course I don’t regret buying although they were so expensive, particularly Nero and Alter, I was lucky been able to afford paying two DD at the same time.

The worst part is that because of my figure collecting hobby I don’t have as much money as I would want to buy them more clothes, wigs, eyes or accessories. But I think they are happy the way they are, at least they don’t complain.

Now my mother is teaching me how to swing, so I will be able to make clothes for them. And I also started making custom make ups. I’ll update the blog with the progress of this new project and I hope it works out well.

By now I just make some accessories, and I’ll open a shop to sale them. I hope this won’t take very long.

PD: As English is not my mother language (and I’m still learning) I’ll make mistakes often, so sorry for that in advance.


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